A “smart” law and consulting firm, the firm infuses experience, efficiency, and quality into its flexible and commoditized service offerings for government and construction contractors. The firm’s standard is to be a true business teammate, not a tax, so that it can simultaneously increase the quality and frequency of its clients’ business transactions.

An alternative to traditional law and consulting firms, the firm engages pools of attorneys and consultants who operate over a virtual platform in order to reduce our client’s bottom line. In doing so, we have replaced the common “firm-first” mantra for a “client-first” strategy of providing reliability, accountability, and a depth of service offerings on a rationalized basis so that our clients can comfortably integrate our services into their business operations and strategies.

Our Differentiators
• Fixed Fee Arrangements
• Smart Hourly Rates
• Contract Review Package
• Teammate, Not a Tax
• Outsourced General Counsel
• Budget Tailored Services
• No Client, Nor Matter Is Too Small
• Clients First, Firm Second

The Firm's promise To ensure that emerging, small and midsize companies can have access to the same quality and quantity of legal and consulting resources as larger companies, and provide larger companies more control over legal resources.