CONSCIENTIOUS: We exercise the utmost care in assisting our clients.
CONCERNED: We place our clients’ concerns first, our clients are our friends and colleagues.
CUSTOMIZED: We tailor every solution to our clients’ unique business objectives.
CONSISTENT: We remain ready, willing & able to provide current, credible & consistent responses.
COMMITTED: We stand by our clients, we are loyal and relentless.
CLIENT-FIRST: We exist to service our clientele “around the clock” our clients matter.

Government Contractor Advisory Services

The firm advises government contractors on all aspects of contract negotiations disputes, and litigation with general agencies and subcontractors. The firm assists government contractors with business counseling, contract drafting, small business and federal acquisition regulatory compliance, requests for equitable adjustment and claims, and international contracting matters.

Corporate Advisory Services

The firm advises companies on all aspects of corporate counseling, finance, formation, contracting, governance, and shareholder litigation.

Labor and Employment Advisory Services

The firm advises companies on the law related aspects of personnel recruitment, hiring, contracting, policies, regulatory compliance, separation, termination and litigation.


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